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Counselling can help those who are finding things difficult in their lives. It can help you to better understand what isn’t working well in your life, or what doesn’t feel right, and help you to decide what and how you want to change.

I will provide you with a confidential space, with no judgement, so you can safely explore your thoughts and feelings, whatever you have been holding onto, and whatever your fears or concerns might be.

What does it involve?

Prior to our first session, I will ask you to complete an assessment form, to decide what kind of counselling you would like (e.g. video, email), and to agree to a counselling contract. 

I offer different options, depending on your needs and budget:

  • twice a week, weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions
  • varying session lengths – 30, 50 or 90 minutes per session – longer session times are beneficial for those who need more time to process or a slower session pace

I also offer single session therapy, or a pre-set block of sessions, which can be useful to work through a clear or specific issue.

How much does it cost?

I offer a sliding fee scale.

You choose what you can afford, and then select the length (and frequency) of session that fits your budget. Let me know your fee before we begin, and if you need to change the amount at any time, just drop me an email in advance of your next session. 

  • £30 to £40 for a 30-minute session
  • £50 to £70 for a 50-minute session 
  • £75 to £100 for a 90-minute session

Please note that I would recommend 1.5 hour sessions for one-off single session work.

If you have any questions or would like to book the first session, please complete the web form on this page.