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Client Contract

My name is Nina. I am an accredited Gestalt counsellor with current insurance to practice with clients in the UK and Europe. I have worked in a therapeutic setting since 2010, and within mental health and wellbeing prior to that.

I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work within their Code of Ethics. For more information about my training or experience, please click here.

What is Gestalt counselling?

Counselling is a professional form of help for those who are finding things difficult for whatever reason. It can help you to better understand what isn’t working very well in your life; and to decide what and how you want to change.

Gestalt counselling focuses on how you feel, think or do things in the present moment. It holds the view that people are linked to and influenced by their environments, and that all people strive towards growth and balance in their lives. In my practice I may use a range of verbal and non-verbal techniques. This might include talking, writing, drawing, visualisations or movement. We will work together in a way that suits you best.

It is available to you regardless of who you are or where you come from. I will provide a confidential, safe and accepting space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings or concerns.

What does it involve?

I do not usually work during school holidays. I would clarify with you in advance any dates I am not available. If you have additional dates you cannot do, I would ask you to let me know as you can.

I offer remote counselling. This includes via telephone, video, instant messaging and email. I can provide information on these options via email or you can find the same information on my website.


Please read my privacy policy. This tells you how the information you share with me is kept confidential and secure. You can access it by clicking this link GDPR Policy or you can ask me to email you a copy by contacting me at [email protected].

In an emergency

Online counselling may not be sufficient support if you feel you are in crisis. Signs of crisis may be feelings of wanting to commit suicide, or to harm yourself or another. In this case please consider contacting the Samaritans by telephone on 08457 90 90 90 or by email on [email protected]. You could also contact your local accident and emergency department at your nearest hospital, and ask to speak to someone from the crisis team.

As part of our contract, I will ask for your permission to contact your GP. This would be in the event that during a counselling session you were in need of emergency support, either physical or mental.

Conditions of counselling

Counsellor responsibilities

  • To be available at the agreed time, and to start and end on time
  • To offer a quiet, appropriate and undisturbed space; and to maintain safe, professional boundaries
  • To encourage your autonomy and independence
  • To regard all contact and information as confidential unless I have concerns about your or someone else’s safety (as outlined in our agreement)
  • To work within the BACP Ethical Framework, including regular supervision
  • To review the therapeutic work and our relationship regularly
  • In the unlikely event I cancel, to offer an alternative appointment ASAP
  • If you are working with me online and notify me that you have left the UK and wish to continue counselling, I will check whether my insurance covers me for the country you are in

Client responsibilities

  • To attend on time
  • To give 48 hours’ notice minimum if cancelling/changing an appointment (or the full fee becomes payable)
  • To pay for each session in full within 24 hours
  • To limit communication with me (outside our agreed counselling sessions) to making, changing or cancelling an appointment, unless by prior arrangement
  • To give permission to contact your GP if I have serious concerns about you or others
  • To discuss with me when you feel you are ready to end therapy
  • To let me know if you are in or are considering entering another therapeutic relationship
  • If you leave the UK and wish to continue counselling, you notify me immediately so I can check whether my insurance covers me for the country you are in
  • Finally, counselling requires mutual respect – if abusive behaviour occurs at any point, then the contract will be terminated immediately


If you feel you are not getting the service you need, I want to hear about your concerns so I can offer the best possible service. If you feel able to, please speak to me directly. As I am a member of the BACP, you can also choose to speak with them. They can be contacted by telephone on 01455 883300, by email to [email protected], or in writing to BACP, 15 St John’s Business Park, Lutterworth LE17 4HB.

Payment of sessions

I offer a sliding scale for fees, and a range of session lengths. You choose what you can afford, and then select the length (and frequency) of session that fits your budget. Let me know your fee, via email, before we begin. If you need to change the amount at any time, please notify me in writing, giving a week’s notice. 

  • £30 to £40 for a 30-minute session
  • £50 to £70 for a 50-minute session
  • £75 to £100 for a 90-minute session

Payment should be made to my bank account in advance of your session. Failure to pay for a session may result in cancellation of that and future sessions.

My bank details are as follows: Ninoslava Ana Shah, Revolut, 04-29-09, 07563582

If you have any questions about any aspect of this agreement or would like further information, please contact me at [email protected]. If you wish to go ahead with counselling, please answer the questions and submit the form below:

Assessment Form


If you are happy to go ahead, please complete and submit the form.

I will contact you as soon as I can, via your preferred contact method, with further information regarding your counselling sessions. Please note that as I don't usually work Swedish school holidays, if you contact me during these times, it may take me a few weeks to reply.